FTP Information

Heartbleed Update:

In response to the revelation of the Heartbleed bug, EKC has upgraded our secure FTP server in accordance with the directions from the manufacturer. We have also tested our ftp and web site using the tools provided by multiple security services, both before and after the FTP server upgrade, and have found no exposures that are a consequence of the Heartbleed bug.

EKC is committed to protecting the information provided by our customers in the course of problem determination and continues to make every effort to insure that confidential information is not subject to exposure. We will continue to monitor the situation with regard to the Heartbleed bug and any other potential security issues with respect to our FTP and web sites.

Background Information:

EKC, Inc. uses File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to electronically deploy machine-readable materials to our customers.   Customers are assigned Userids and Passwords that facilitate access to our FTP Server.   Our FTP server currently supports both PORT and PASV modes.   PASV is recommended.   Make sure it is properly set ON in your Browser's advanced options.

Best way to access FTP in latter releases of Windows:

Use "Windows Explorer" (instead of Internet Explorer)
Go into "My Computer" and enter ftp://ftp.ekcinc.com

Better would be to create a link on your desktop, or add it to your "Network Places".

If you click on an FTP link on this website;
its behavior is dependent on what version of the browser you are running:

It may work fine, requesting a signon and presenting you with an "Explorer" view of your folders.

It may not work at all, resulting in a varity of browser mesasages.

You may be presented with a complete list of the FTP root directory with a navigational message in front of it:
To view this FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.

Do what it says and you will end up in Windows Explorer.
When prompted for a userid and password, supply the credentials you were given.

Please, make sure there is nothing on your end that is causing you problems.

Facilities like personal firewalls both on your workstation and what your workstation is attached to can and will present problems if not configured for this type of service.

If you feel you need additional help, please feel free to email us at: support@ekcinc.com
or call our Technical Support Department at: (847) 296-8035.